Store All Your Crypto On A Single Device


Extensive token support

Universa HODL wallet supports all main currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Universa and ERC20 compatible tokens. This is the only hardware wallet you will ever need. Forget about Ledger Nano S and others!

Usability second

Universa HODL comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can execute transactions safely while on the go. The wallet is extremely convenient for both everyday use and long-term cold storage. 


Safety first

HODL is the only hardware wallet, which provides unique seamless protection from the Man-in-the-Middle attacks, confirming transaction signature with human-readable (iconized) Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

Light & Affordable

Being designed for on the go use, the HODL wallet is so light and compact that it will fit in your pocket along with your keys. And with a price tag of just $197 (about 0.25 ETH), it is also very affordable. Pre-order now!

News & Developments

Currently, Universa Blockchain team is working hard on releasing the first working prototype which showcases the design concep. It provides BLE-pairing, generation and quick balance check of ERC-20 wallets. And, the most important, it demonstrates convenient visual anti-MitM check while signing the transactions from HODL. Universa HODL wallet was presented at Mobile World Congress 2018 on 27 February.


The following images were shared by Alexander Borodich on Telegram:


More images coming soon, stay tuned. 😉

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